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I use my empathic listening and belief that vertical problems have horizontal solutions to help you change hopes into goals, submerge you with growth mindset tactics, and set you up with pillars of accountability.


I bring the enthusiasm, energy, and empathy needed for your next academic, leadership, or faith-based event. With experience speaking at conferences to commencements, I’d love to bring my unique flavor to your upcoming engagement.

1-1 Coaching

Let’s uncover the blanket of your innermost dream. Let’s remove the fear to say the desires of your heart out loud. Whether your goals are academic, career transitional or personal/professional development, we’ll work together with intentionality.

With 1-1 coaching, I’ll help you formulate a plan to achieve your goals, get you excited about completing the steps to get there, and celebrate your wins!

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Community Building

I use the power of my network and resources to stay connected to the community and to help you stay connected to your purpose and goals.


Leticia Wilson is a higher education professional, life coach, encourager, and motivator.

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She makes others feel welcomed and appreciated. Leticia is a brilliant vibrant person that gets the job done with style and pizazz. A true leader that generates enthusiasm, develops others, is extremely innovative and people oriented.
Maria beauford
/ Accounting Dept Manager
Leticia is an amazing dedicated higher education professional. She is also one of the most positive persons that I know. Her energy is undeniable and uplifting. I have also witnessed her work firsthand as the 2021 conference co-chair. I am so thankful to have her in my life.
Terrance J. McClain, Ph.D
/ Author, Public Speaker, Student Dev Specialist
It has been a privilege working with Leticia at Del Mar College. She wears many hats and is always meticulous, organized and very innovative. Her ability to connect with and inspire people is incredible. When called upon to be a part of a project or task, she is very creative and always cheerful and dependable. She is always willing to take on new responsibilities, give back to others and gain new skills.
Cheryl G. Sanders
/ Dean of Student Engagement & Retention
It had been a long time since I’ve presented to such a diverse audience and Leticia was with me every step of the way. She coached me throughout the entire process, made recommendations, and was the driving force that made it such a successful experience. Leticia’s professionalism and expertise is unmatched.
Director, Veterans Center at Del Mar College | Marine Corps Veteran
Leticia not only breaks barriers and inspires others, but is willing to go beyond her scope of strength, knowledge, and status to ensure everyone has a seat at the table. She is a creative, outspoken, powerful leader and innovator who is equip to lead others to their greatest potential. Working with Leticia has brought positive change to my life and I know she will do the same for anyone that reaches out to her!
Academic Advisor | Community Outreach Advocate
Leticia is one of the most professional persons I have [the] privilege to work with. Her passion and hard work for the underrepresented students in Del Mar College has led to many successful careers. No one can ignore Leticia's uplifting spirit and personality. Her willingness to help anyone at anytime has made my work so much easier.
Daisy Zang
/ Assistant Professor
Kristina Ramirez Wilson
Leticia is an engaging speaker and a dedicated advocate. A true champion of student success!
Dr. Kristina Ramirez Wilson
/ Educator, Leader, Advocate of Higher Education
I had the opportunity to work with Leticia as a keynote presenter for an annual statewide advising academy. Her keynote is still talked about to this day! Her energy and connection with the attendees was phenomenal.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment & Retention Services at Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR)
Leticia is an energetic and engaging presenter and educational professional. She lights up any room just by her presence in it. Inspiring, motivating, sets a high bar of excellence, student advocate, strategic leader…[these] are just some of the descriptors that well describe her!
Director, Office of Appreciative Education at Florida Atlantic University
Leticia’s passion shows through in everything she does. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her during my time at Del Mar College. She was a fantastic mentor when it came to helping me learn the ins and outs of being an Academic Advisor. I also enjoyed having deep and meaningful conversations with her regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), a subject she is extremely passionate about. I am proud to call her a professional colleague.
Higher Education Professional
Leticia has an incredible way of bringing in each participant in the room and making them feel as though they are her best friend and her main priority. Her ability to both inform and captivate her audience is a wonder to watch. Leticia is truly one of the best public speakers I have encountered and I could not recommend her more. She is an absolute star and holds a wonderful presence as a speaker.
Assistant Director of Career Development, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State University

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